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    uedbet新版官网 is committed to social justice in Canada, and around the world

    uedbet新版官网 is dedicated to improving the lives of workers and their families in Canada and around the world.  One way we express that commitment is through our Social Justice Fund. 

    The uedbet新版官网 Social Justice Fund promotes and supports the role of trade unions and workers groups in their efforts to strengthen democracy, promote equitable development, and contribute to poverty reduction, social justice and education reform.

    The uedbet新版官网 Social Justice Fund is a registered charity that is governed by our Social Justice Fund Board of Directors (which includes officers of the union as well as prominent Canadians).  Funds are negotiated during collective bargaining from employers, either on a cents-per-hour-per-worker basis, or as a lump sum.   In this way, workers signify that social justice is a key priority and that by working collectively we can make a difference not only here in Canada but around the world.

    Read some of the SJF project case studies here.

    Approximately 20 percent of our SJF monies are used in Canada, complementing the many other initiatives the union and our members support within our borders.

    We will continue to fight to improve labour and human rights and in so doing, create the conditions that enable workers to improve their own lives wherever they live and work.  uedbet新版官网 is proud to be one link in a long chain of human rights organizations and labour unions that circles the globe.  

    For more information please refer to the Social Justice Fund Booklet.  To view or print the booklet please click on the link below:

    2019 Social Justice Fund Booklet

    2022 Social Justice Fund Annual Report

    Guidelines for submitting proposals for uedbet新版官网 Social Justice Fund projects

    The uedbet新版官网 Social Justice Fund’s primary purpose is to institutionalize our ability as a union to respond to a variety of international issues through humanitarian, development and social justice assistance. 

    Since 1990, the SJF has supported over 1,000 projects throughout the world.  As a labour-based non-governmental organization, the Social Justice Fund obviously has a priority in establishing worker-to-worker and union-to union relationships internationally.

    The proposal should include:

    • background on your organization and the organization that you are working with,
    • the overall objectives of your project,
    • the time frame for your work,
    • what you hope to accomplish with this project, 
    • overall budget and the amount you are requesting from us.
    • names of other groups/organizations that are funding the project (If there are any).
    • Contact person with contact information such as phone number and/or fax number, email address.

    The date for SJF project proposals for the Fall 2023 round has now passed. The submission deadline date for the upcoming Spring 2024 funding round will be posted in early December.

    Proposals can be mailed or emailed to @email.