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    Young Workers face unique challenges in their workplaces.

    uedbet新版官网 is committed to creating space for young workers within the union through local union and regional young workers committees as well as young worker conferences and training programs to develop confidence, skills, and the knowledge to participate actively in union life and play a role in building our union for the future.

    National Young Workers Committee

    The National Young Workers Committee is composed of regional representatives elected at their respective regional councils. The committee acts as an advisor to the regional councils and the National Executive Board on matters relating to young workers.

    So you want to engage young workers?

    Many local unions wonder what they can do to eliminate barriers that prevent young workers from getting involved. This resource was develop for any uedbet新版官网 activist, local union executive, or member who is interested in increasing the participation of young workers.

    Young Workers Mind Map Poster

    To request a presentation on "So you want to engage young workers" for your local union membership or executive meeting, please contact @email.

    Our future is worth the fight!

    The world we're leaving for the next generation of workers is not in great shape. Even before the pandemic hit, we knew that a climate crisis combined to an inequality crisis had the potential of leaving the young generation worst off than any other previously. Concerns for the viability of good, decent jobs on a healthy planet are even more present today.

    In these difficult and trying times for everyone, young workers say: our future is worth the fight.

    It's a wake up call to previous generations: let us unite and fight for our collective future. Let us overcome the obstacles to ensure that the world that comes next is better, not just the same, as the world we had before.

    Stay in touch!

    Are you interested in getting involved in your local union? Do you want to engage young workers around you but are unsure where to start? Do you want to know how you can take part in the activities of your union? For more information, please contact:@email